85% of staining failures can be traced back to improper prep.

If you don’t clean your deck properly and use the right prep products to eliminate dirt, mildew and dead fibers, your stain can peel, blister or prematurely fade. Even a new deck can cause problems, as new wood typically comes with a hard, subtly shiny, stain resistant layer.


We specialize in staining and our expert coatings protect your fence and deck for years to come! From site set-up and surface preparation to a flawless finish our work is made to last.

If it is done right the first time, you won’t have to stain again for several years.

Whether your fence or deck is new or old, there will come a day when you decide to stain it and it’s important to enhance the look and protect it from the elements.

Deck and fence staining offers protection from the Austin, Texas sun, and allows you to customize the color of your deck or patio to complement your exterior paint!

Ybarra Painting offers a wide range of fence and deck finishing options, depending on the type of fence, deck and preferences of the individual customer. We use only the highest quality, commercial-grade stains and sealers.